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How To Apply a Conceptual Teaching & Learning Method To Speed Up Progress in BJJ

Learning the complex art of Brazilian jiu jitsu & the importance of a conceptional teaching method

Professor Tiago Barros teaching a guard pass

(A guide to help Instructors & practitioners in teaching/learning the complex art of Brazilian jiu jitsu)

The art of Brazilian jiu jitsu experiences an ongoing boom lately, the numbers of practitioners is constantly growing. In some parts of the world more than in other parts, but overall the numbers are constantly raising. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is mostly popular because of its effectiveness as a martial arts system, closely followed by its benefits for the body, mind and fun factor while practice it or competing in it. The downside of this beautiful and complex art is that you have to deeply study it and you have to spend a lot of time, not just hours, weeks or months, you have to spend decades to fully master this art if this is even possible.

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