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Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu competition preparation camp for several upcoming tournaments!

Aktualisiert: 25. Aug. 2018

On Monday 20.August the Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu competition preparation camp started to prepare the competitors for the upcoming tournament circus of the last months of 2018.

Totally ten grueling bjj competition focused training weeks are planned - starting with three high intense weeks followed by a deload week with light training to recover, then another week of high intense bjj competition training, followed again by another deload week with only light training right before the first tournament - the SJJA zurich open on the 22. sept 2018 in Wallisellen.

After that another 4 weeks with the same schedule - high intense competition training weeks and one deload week right before the nex tournament will follow to finetune the competitors for the - IBJJF Geneva Open & UAEJJF German national open both on the 20. octobre. Yes the Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu / GFTEam Zurich is very busy the next few weeks!

With this kind of competition training program we set the necessary high intense impulses - which are pushing our competitors to the next level - but not neglecting the important recovery time, with the scheduled deload weeks in between.

All the trainings on the class schedule will be specific competition trainings, with lots of action-reaction drilling, high intense specific sparring drills - like king of the hill and hamburger hill - but as well point strategy training, where the competitors will develop their game plan.

The PARA BELLUM JIU JITSU ACADEMY / GFTEAM ZURICH sets a whole new standard in competition preparation - like no other bjj team in zurich! This is our fundament for the success!!!

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