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On saturday the 21.september 2018 the GFTeam Zurich / Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu squad went competing at the SJJA Zurich Open 2018.

After 4x hard competition preparation weeks, the team arrived at the middle of the prep camp with the SJJA Zurich Open as the first stage test and the IBJJF Geneva Open on the 20. octobre as the coming main goal.

There are mixed feelings about the results, besides of the few medals and therefore top placings that the squad was able to reach, there were as well some tough losses.

All this is part of the plan, and are expected and understandable results - both bad & good.

To start, our new addition to the team - Salvatore Guarascio - came, saw & won with a huge statement! With almost no training, no preparation time, no finetuning and not planned, he entered the tournament on short notice and won his Gi division! he showed a strong mindset and absolutely no fear! What a great statement, the blue belt division has to watch him, as he will definitely shake this division in the coming years!

As well other Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu athletes were battling for medals. After only some months of training, and entering already his second tournament, Andrew Liyanage showed great improvements in his fights and won the silver medal at his open weight division - as one of the hardest working students with around 4 to 5 trainings during the week and a full time job - we are more than proud of him, achieving this silver medal.

But there is more success to report! Dave Shapira, besides study and going for his master in engineering, went competing and representing our Team, in great fashion Dave won his No Gi division and showed not just great heart, he showed as well great improvements in his game. Watch out for him, as he is here to stay!

In the same No Gi division another team member - Simon Scheuring - achieved a great third place and is adding another bronze medal to his medal stock. Only this year in 2018 - he managed to win already several medals - which shows his drive and will to test himself.

Our Coach and top brown belt Aiman Zinbi had a hard task in front of him with a very experienced and tough black belt opponent Peter Mettler. Besides of showing good jiu jitsu and his dynamic style, Aiman lost his fights against his opponent.

We are sure, with a full training camp and full commitment - Aiman will be able to beat such a high caliber fighter - like Peter Mettler is - in the near future.

There are not just medals and good news, there are always as well hard lessons to learn.

Some of our team members went there with high expectations. But sometimes the battles are decided by small details, and sometimes by big level differences - they had some tough losses - which helped to detect their weaknesses. Hard to swallow, but important in their development - cause this will lead to improving and learing!

The team will analyze all fights, will find the right adjustments and will keep going in improving - to makes sure, that next time our team members will be starting always a little bit better than the last time.. Cause it's what is all about - to improve, to be always a little bit better than the day before...!

We congrats to all our Para Bellum Jiu Jitsu / GFTeam Zurich soldiers for their performance - sometimes you loose the battle, but the "war" will be decided in many more battles to come!

Thanks as well our Head Instructor Uros Domanovic for spending his time at the Open and coaching and helping the team!

1-2-3 PARA BELLUM!!!!!!! 1-2-3- GFTEam Zurich!!!!!!!!

Now go and drill some jiu jitsu brothers & sisters!

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